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Operator's Console is an application that runs on a distributed system that is built to assist the operators working at a power grid. The application simulates the working of an electric power grid whose information is consistently available to all the operators' connected to complex power grid, working across a large geographical area. The application shows consistent graphical visualization of the power grid using the powers of Isis2 (see to multicast information to all the nodes(read operators) in the network in real time.

Currently, the console has two applications:
1. Line control application : An application that is used to control lines in the electric power grid. Each line in the power grid has a control button that can be used to control the line. If there are any issues with the line, the operator will be able to visualize it and take necessary actions.

2. Graph application: An application that can be used to visualize the voltage fluctuations in a bus. This information along with all the details regarding a particular bus is displayed when the operator clicks on any bus.

Several operators working across a network can benefit from such an application by being able to visualize the network in real time. Isis2 (Developed by Professor Ken Birman) is a library used to build distributed systems using multicast technology that will effectively replicate the state of the system across all the nodes(read operator consoles for this application) consistently and in real time.

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